Belle Plaine Community Development Corporation

since 2005

Belle Plaine Community Development Corporation

Working to Make Belle Plaine Better

Belle Plaine Community Development Corporation (BPCDC) was created in 2005 when the Chamber of Commerce merged with the Downtown Improvement Committee. We are a non-profit, community development organization committed to making Belle Plaine a quaint, friendly place to live, work and play.

Business Improvement Committee

Business Improvement Committee
 Meets the 2nd Tuesday per Month at 1 p.m.  in the BPCDC board room.  The Business Improvement Committee will be working towards aiding current businesses and recruiting new ones.  The will work with converting unused spaces into productive property.  Improving business techniques and trying to make the business district as strong as possible are top priorities.  

Building partnerships between business and the main street district as a whole is very important.  They will also work with other committees such as the promotion committee to develop "Shop Local" programs.  This committee will be involved with business retention, business expansion, business recruitment, and real estate development. 
"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." 

Paul Ryan


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Belle Plaine Community Development Corporation